Abby Kurth, Clinical Nutritionist

Nuts really do protect against cancer and heart disease:

  Yet more evidence this week that nuts are good for you!  Eating nuts—and especially walnuts—three times a week will reduce your chances of dying from cancer or heart disease. … Continue reading

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My Story

Working for my father in his medical practice prompted me to begin thinking about working as a health care practitioner. I decided to major in biology in college toward that … Continue reading

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Benefits of the Bean

The thing I love about the Mediterranean diet, is that it encourages people to eat a wide variety of foods that have many health benefits.  Check out the benefits of … Continue reading

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Southwestern Quinoa Salad

What the heck is quinoa, and how do you spell it? Quinoa is a supergrain that contains a lot of fiber, iron, lysine, magnesium, manganese, Riboflavin, and more– meaning it’s … Continue reading

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Introducing: First Line Therapy for Groups!

Do you have a work group, church group, or neighborhood group that would like to support each other toward better health? The FLT program can be done as a group … Continue reading

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