Abby Kurth, Clinical Nutritionist

About Abby

Empowering people toward greater health, naturally – you CAN feel good

Overcoming my own health problems taught me a great deal about what an amazing impact nutrition can make in improving health. This passion for improving health naturally gave me the impetus to complete my Master’s of Science in Nutrition and become a certified Clinical Nutritionist, so others could also experience vibrant health.

I want to give you the tools to help you and your family achieve mental, emotional, and physical wellness by providing:

  • Knowledge about your individual biochemistry – digestion, detoxification, immune and endocrine.
  • Skills to choose the right therapeutic diet and use it in your daily living
  • Attitude needed to succeed and awareness of emotions that may be harming health
  • Professional grade supplements, homeopathic remedies, and lifestyle tools (Stress Reduction, Lifestyle Classes, Personal Coaching) targeted specifically to your needs

Basically, I operate according to following tenets:

  • Health is a matter of adding what may be lacking for the body to work properly (vitamins, minerals, digestion support, detoxification support, positive thoughts, etc.), or removing what is harming health (intestinal organisms, inflammation, toxins, false thinking, etc.).
  • Biochemical tests can tell where the body is not functioning well as to 1) Digestion and Elimination, 2) Detoxification, 3) Endocrine function, or 4) Immune function) and can show what is needed to improve function.
  • Homeopathy is a gentle but deep healing that balances and strengthens so that you are not affected by what is in your physical or emotional environment.
  • You are meant to be whole and healthy – free from physical or emotional limitations


FLT LIFESTYLE AND WEIGHT MANAGEMENT: If your main concern is changing your diet and lifestyle, the First Line Therapy program offers a therapeutic diet, targeted supplementation, stress management strategies, and Bioimpedance Testing to help reverse chronic disease safely and naturally.  On-going sessions provide accountability, monitor safe weight loss with Bioimpedance Testing, strategies and goals to help you be successful.  We have seen dramatic improvements in cholesterol, blood pressure, and blood sugar indicators for our clients enrolled in this program.
REGAIN HEALTH: The question that is never asked when a person is unwell is “WHY”.  Why is the body not able to function in the marvelous way it was designed?  What is the root cause of the symptoms they are suffering?  In the Regain Health program, ‘we don’t guess, we test’.  This does require an investment in your health to undergo functional testing to identify what is impacting your health, to support with supplementation, and to make diet changes, but you are worth the investment (What was the highest repair bill you had for your house or car?).  It is estimated that it takes one month for every year you have been unwell to regain health, so this is a program that may require various dietary and supplementation protocols over several months.
ACUTE CONSULTATIONS: I am available for 15-30 minute consultations over the phone or in person at my usual rate for current clients. Many acute issues like colds, flu, skin problems, urinary problems, digestive upsets, etc. can be helped or at least lessened in severity and length , and natural remedies may help limit the need for medication.


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